Saturday, January 17, 2009

7 Things You Do Not Need to Know About Me

Manish Mohan tagged me in the ongoing meme on the 7 Things You Do Not Need To Know About Me ...
Here are 7 things you don’t need to know about me:
1. I learnt how to swim by being thrown into 12-feet deep water by my coach!
2. I recently learnt that for the last 3 months, on an average, I sent 300 SMSs each month.
3. If I was not a full-time training professional, I would have been a full-time traveler doing shows for the Discovery Travel & Living channel!
4. I read many self-help and management books. But not the 'chicken soup' variety.
5. I love to bake...
6. I am intrinsically motivated at most times and a die hard optimist!
7. I'd love to go for long walks on nature trails but currently do most of my walking on the treadmill, between my office buildings, and in shopping malls! :-)

Most of my blog contacts have already been tagged. However, if you are reading this and want to participate, please go ahead! If you don't have a blog, just put the 7 things in a comment and let me know who you are!

1 comment:

  1. Here are 7 things you do not need to know about me:
    1. I enjoy walking in the fog... it's like walking into the unknown and not knowing what beautiful sights you may get to see.
    2. I love cold coffee.... with ice chunks in it. I can have it all the time.
    2.5. I love watching Poirot and Sherlock Holmes. I can watch them back to back... and not get tired.
    3. I like reading "Chicken soup.... ". Hee Hee... These days, I don't like reading self help books, although I've bought many.
    4. If I were not into content development, I would be travelling for Discovery, and the likes... or maybe hosting a travel/cookery show for one of the channels. I am glad you share the same dream too. I plan to fulfil it some day.
    5. I am a real cry baby. I cry whenever I see any form of sorrow/honest struggle anywhere I go... I could cry seeing a florist selling flowers, and doing a great job at it... yet not making money. I could cry seeing a child selling helicopters at the traffic signal... I cry for almost everything.
    6. I feel happy when I do silly things... like blowing soap bubbles (I buy them from Landmark) ... and sitting in a merry go round.
    7. I believe I was born in Italy in one of my past lives.