Saturday, February 23, 2013

EDCMOOC - My Digital Artefact: The Human Revolution

For the last 4 weeks, I was immersed in an online course titled "Elearning and Digital Cultures" #edcmooc .With more than 40,000 students from all over the globe and 5 amazing professors from the University of Edinburgh,(Jeremy Knox, Si├ón Bayne, Hamish Macleod, Jen Ross and Christine Sinclair) it was indeed a massive online learning movement!

This is a digital artefact that I have created as a part of my submission for the EDCMOOC course on Coursera. Hope you enjoy it! Comments and feedback are welcome.

PS: A more reflective post on my experience with #edcmooc and MOOCs in general will be coming soon.


  1. Nice work, Taruna! Very creative.

    1. Ryan, thanks so much for the feedback! I enjoyed going through your artefact too. It is unique and very creative :)

  2. Hi Taruna,

    Wonderful presentation. Your choice of a poem complemented with music and images worked well.

    Your last few slides particularly stimulated three reactions in me (better than you hoped!).

    I completely agree with your observation that the revolution lies not in technology but us; this is the human part. We determine what tools we make and use and what we get out of these tools.

    The second reaction I had was to your statement that our digital footprints were our legacy. Though I understood it, until now I was thinking proximally and individually rather than historically and culturally. That deepened the footprint of each word I type. Neat.

    This brings me to my third reaction, this one to your observation that all human learning is about creating new history. What would it be like if we never learned and taught, right from our beginnings? Would we be different from other species?

    I wish you luck in the assessment.


    1. Hello Shawn! Thank you so much for your feedback and for sharing your time with me through this artefact.

      I am glad my work was able to generate some reactions. Every slide was a reflection of so many experiences that I tried to capture in four sentences.

      I truly believe in the words I chose. It was a conscious decision and I am glad you got to reflect on the words the way I did.

      The possibilities of the human mind are endless. And together as a society, we leave behind so much for generations to follow. And just like we are unconscious about our shadows and our footprints, we are unconscious about our digital legacy. The #edcmooc course made me a little more sensitive to the culture we are creating, the history that we are writing on a daily basis. Thinking about the fact that in this big wide world, I, a small dot in this universe has a role to play and I am responsible for what's to follow brings a lot of responsibility and accountability to me as an individual and all of us as a world society.

      Your question made me think - a lot! I can't imagine life without learning. That's what makes us 'human'. Our imperfections and our learning how to get over them is what makes us human.

      Judging by your well rounded experience, I am not surprised that you were able to generate these reactions to my artefact. We are so much more than we think we are!

      Thanks again.

  3. Hi Taruna,

    I enjoyed watching your artefact and liked the choice of music with reflection.

    Your slide referring to our digital footprints left behind and your connection with making history out of them generated some further thinking about digital literacy. I am about to deliver a session for Higher education students on this subject and I will add this dimension to the content on how our digital trails contribute to the human history and culture. Thank YOU!

    When watching an artefact I consider how I could use this collective knowledge and repurpose it (that's probably due to my involvement in Open Educational Resources and Information/Digital literacies)It may be worth adding either a slide on the artefact itself or a note at the comments of YouTube and on your blog with attributions to images and music.

    Thank you for this piece of work!

    1. Thank you so much for your feedback Eleni!
      I am happy to know that the artefact generated some reactions and you have found another dimension to add to your session. Wish you good luck with your upcoming session!

      It was a powerful theme for me too. Through the #edcmooc course I was able to reflect on the idea that we are creating a digital legacy - whether we know it or don't. In that sense, the course itself is a digital artefact. And there is so much power in all the collective knowledge that is now available in the form of the discussions within the coursera platform, individual blog posts and the artefacts. I like that through the wall you have created, we are able to view these artefacts in a common space.

      Thanks again for your comment and appreciate your time and feedback!


      PS: There is a slide within my artefact (page 2) that shares the source for both the graphics and the music.

  4. Nice work, Taruna, I really enjoyed watching this artefact. You are so right we have created something all of us. I found yours on the padlet wall - a great legacy.

    1. Thank you Claire-Louise! Appreciate your time and feedback. I enjoyed viewing your artefact, 'The history of digital learning'. I especially enjoyed the present and the future!:)

  5. Your artefact really resonated with me, Taruna. I, too, appreciated your metaphor of creating digital footprints. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you Cathleen! Appreciate your time and feedback. Enjoyed viewing your artefact too. Loved the statement that 'we are defined by our digital identity.