Monday, March 31, 2014

The 7 Habits of Awesome Clients

Like everything else in this world, all clients are not created equal. There are some not-so-good clients, some great clients and some awesome clients. So, what makes an awesome client? 

Here is my version of "The 7 Habits of Awesome Clients":

1. Share Vision - All awesome clients have a clear vision of what they want done and they share it with all stakeholders. This vision is supported by specific goals, budget, timelines and scope of work.

2. Enable Communication - All awesome clients enable two-way communication. They seek regular updates about the work and  offer a single point of contact who is responsive and provides inputs and feedback on time, every time. 

3. Respect Expertise - All awesome clients understand the process and seek a view of how things are progressing. They are collaborative and respect the expertise of the partner to make the right choices along the way.

4. Trust Advice - All awesome clients look for a partner who they can trust to get the work done. Awesome clients seek advice, pay well for the right expertise and think of the partner as a trusted advisor.

5. Are Innovative - All awesome clients are open to ideas and new ways of doing things. They listen to partners attentively and are willing to take risks, be convinced by good reasoning and want to innovate.

6. Committed to Quality - All awesome clients know that cheap doesn't get quality. They are quality conscious and show their commitment to quality through appropriate budgets, timelines and processes.

7. Build Relationships - All awesome clients value their partners and the work they do. They speak well for their partners and look to build long-term relationships.