Monday, June 9, 2008

Be the change!

On my shelf these days is a book by David Riveness - "The Secret Life of the Corporate Jester". At the outset, the book is amazingly refreshing! It is a must read for anyone in organization development, training, and management consulting and ...even for those who are not! The book relates the concept of 'jesters' of olden times to the need of 'change agents' in the current times. These change agents are true leaders who first discover their own blind spots, correct them, and then help others and the organization do the same. One of the key personality traits of the corporate jesters in olden times was their ability to use humor to question authority and existing systems. The corporate jesters in today's world also need to do the same and identify and discuss things that are not working too well.

Before this book, I did not know about jesters as much and definitely did not relate them to the corporate world. However, I know, have practiced, and experienced that the key to cause a change in myself is to have a fearless attitude, a stroke of positive arrogance, and an ability to look beyond the visible. It has always been and will be difficult to find my own blind spots. I have to open up myself - more than the usual - be vulnerable - ask for feedback - be receptive to it - and then act on it! That is not an easy road to travel...but definitely worth it!

I also understand that unless I am open to changing myself and getting over my blind spots, I cannot really change anyone else. I realize everyday that I want to positively contribute, make that difference to the work, the people, and the business.
And the only way to do is to start with myself - be the change that I want to see!

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